Usagi Kozou 1-5

Usagi Kozou 1-5Japanese | MANABE Jouji | CBR | 5 Volumes | 349.6 MbGenre: Action Fantasy SupernaturalSon Goku and Usagi Kozou were the two of the most feared creatures in the Underworld for their strength and ruthlessness. They ruled all the creatures in the Underworld through brute force and magic, wrecking havoc on the Surface World almost as an afterthought.

The Heavens banished them by trapping each of them inside a boulder; 500 years since then, there still had been no word of them.

But then, a female monk on a mission to warn the king of the Surface World of a approaching grave danger enlists the help of Son Goku and destroys the boulder binding him. Around the same time, a girl named Eilin, a martial artist in training, happens to be passing by Usagi Kozou and unintentionally frees him from the boulder. Eilin has a dark secret: she was born from a dragon god impregnating a human woman. Because of this heritage, Eilin has a dragon tattoo on her body.

Through strange turns of events, Son Goku, Usagi Kozou and Eilin are required to deliver the monk’s message to the Surface World’s capital, Tenjiku, even though a powerful, dark aura is surrounding the city. What is this dark energy that not even the powerful Heavenly Beings can break or even see through? What does Eilin’s connection to a dragon god mean for their adventure?

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Usagi Kozou 1-5